Now at age 77, after many years of restoring and driving old race cars,
I am retiring from the restoration business, and being encouraged by my family to sell most of my cars, and huge stock of Vintage parts. ..    
ALL REASONABLE OFFERS to add a Buy it Now to end early, will be considered.
This is a great opportunity to own one of my Vintage race cars with History,  
As shown in the pictures,  it has recently been stripped to bare metal and now in epoxy primer.  The front fenders , nose panel and hood have also been done.  We will 'assemble' sufficient to transport.  
having been in a climate controlled shop storage for 17 years ( see 17 years of dust on roof picture. 
 This is a very well prepared vintage racer from the very early 70's that later was MWC Champion two years.. 
it will make a competitive Historic B Sedan race car
At least 4 Corollas participated in MidWest / East Coast Trans AM Series in 1972. John Strait, told us this is so similar and with a very close VIN # , he thought it might be his, but we have determined this is not the John Strait car., and believe it to be the #84 Kopp Toyota, Dearborn Mich, car driven by Warren Klingman, 1972 TransAm 2.5 Mid Ohio and the Glen, when it was dark red and white.
In 1989 John Fontaine rebuilt the motor. At the time, his notes show the car being raced with Corolla front discs and Saab 99E rear discs, Corolla front struts with 72 Pinto Wagon Springs that were cut down, a 7/8 ADDCO Sway bar w/urethane bushes and links, and aluminum strut rod bushes. In the rear , stock shocks, the stock rear springs were knurled and a leaf added, ADDCO 5/8 sway bar w/adjusters, custom Panhard bar, urethane bushes and links, and a 4.30 locked rear.
The motor was a 3TC block , 3TC crank 10-10, with a 2TC non-EGR head 12:1cr forged pistons, ROSS performance pushrods, valve springs and aluminum retainers. .. ( SEE LATER FRESHENING SPECS BELOW )
Oct 21, 1990, had a 1st place finish one hour enduro
In 1991 entered 9 races with 7 
1st place finishes. Best Lap at the Looooong Race 125.87
In March 1993 new 3TC block , 40 over, Arias pistons, new 3TC crank 10-10, new pushrods, new bearings, all rebalanced, engine done by PROTECH Engines. New 350 Holley carb
In March 1994 new front struts, shorter for better fit. New 4.10 rear. New front brake ducts. Replaced rod bearing ( showed no wear, but replaced anyway ) results... 1st in Points 1994
MidWestern Council Champion in both 1991 and 1994
The Fontaine notes include some setup data, including corner weights, timing variances, etc.
John Sold the car in the Spring of 1995 to Case & Caron who ran it 1995 and 1996 in MWC . After a minor shunt and a rod failure, they removed the engine/trans, and sent it to LSM Wilson Engineering. The long block motor build was completed by Wilson Oct 1, 1998 . Being “busy” got in the way , and the motor was not re-installed. Everything was stored properly in a climatized building, until we acquired it 16 years later,  in December 2014,  and moved it to our shop in Alabama.
The Car... This car is a true 1972 TE27  VIN plate on the car TE27 049678
It appears totally solid and rust free, with only a bit very small rust holes rust on the floors where the paint was worn away, which is common.
There is a dent in the drivers outer rocker panel and in a bit of the door jamb. At the time the rocker was creased, the doors were fiberglass panels. Both original
 steel door assemblies, as originally raced, were included with the car. ( NOW INSTALLED, as original, and the drivers door closes properly)
FT-3 Fuel Cell, Fire System, Brake Proportioning Valve , seat with padded cover, are included. Roll cage is well done and legal for Vintage.
Transmission is a T50 5 speed. Shifter is very smooth.
Alloy flywheel. Steel Shield
Clutch is CENTERFORCE assembly
Rear diff is probably the 4.1 ( will check)…... additional 3.9 is included, clean and ready to install for long tracks.
The drivetrain is worth the opening bid. The engine B
uild Sheet (included),
 shows 13:1 compression ratio ,on a 3TC Block, line hone,crank grind 20-20,deck block,deck head, recon rods, polish rods, magna checks head and rods ,ARP bolts, ISKY Cam 678190 84/46 480 264(3800-8000rpm), ISKY Springs, Wiseco forged pistons, 13:1 cr, all new valves, head decked, head ported ( 2 hours), assemble/disassemble to check piston to head clearance, piston to valve clearance,... total machine shop $2286. of which 1455 was labor. (1998 rates)
Aluminum flywheel ( with CENTERFORCE clutch assembly, …. ..headers, intake Holley. . distributor. .competition oil pan.external oil filter(s) ...oil cooler
CAR APPEARS COMPLETE, except it was missing the quick release steering wheel when we got it. ( we have since acquired a steering wheel for the car as shown)
The steel wheels were used for rolling around his shop,( easier than with the wide alloys)...there is still blue paint on them from 25 years ago when the car was painted wh/blue
The steel wheels AND the minilite style alloys ARE INCLUDED
Spares...  lots of them included.  We took everything Toyota from the race shop when we bought the car 5 years ago.
The body tub has just been vapor blasted to bare metal and is in epoxy primer,   ($1300. )  The fenders, nose, and hood were stripped and primered a year ago.
We sell many cars to Europe, UK, Australia, and Asia,  and can assist with arrangements
500 Є at close of listing and balance by wire transfer within 5 days
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Artikelzustand: Verkäufernotizen:
AU: 195700 Typ: sedan
Marke: Volvo HU: 195700
Modell: PV 444