Now at age 77, after many years of restoring and driving old race cars, we have sold two of our shop buildings, and many of our cars, and I am being encouraged by my family to sell most of my cars, and huge stock of Vintage parts
This is a good opportunity to own and restore
 one of the very desirable ( and high value) early Volvo Duetts..
selling here on ebay with NO RESERVE
This  Volvo  Longroof  445  Duett  is for sale at the shop and elsewhere.
  We will consider all reasonable offers to end early  if no bids have been placed
We have done a lot of Volvo 444 and 544 Sedans, including two of the oldest racers that are still actively raced.
    Some time ago, we found this 1958  445 split-windshield Duett in Arizona,   and had it shipped here because SOLID Duetts are near impossible to find anymore..
   As usual, before we schedule this car for complete restoration  and begin accumulating necessary bits,  it is offered here, as shown, including  a good B18 engine core, if the purchaser would prefer to up-grade.
   Although it has some body dents, we could only find one small area of rust damage located ahead of the right rear wheel,  and some minor paint blistering.
  Unlike the 444 and 544 Sedans which are unibody,  these wagons are on a full frame chassis,  Pictures of the underside show typical Arizona surface rust only,  and that coupled with what appears to be a very complete car,  makes it's restoration much easier.
  Since the car had been idle for some time, we put Mystery Marvel oil in the cylinders,  and put the car on the waiting list.
  Now before scheduling it for restoration,  and removing the engine,  we have done some preliminary engine tests and find the motor turns over easily, but definitely needs rings,  as verified by a dry and wet compression check.  We did attempt to start the engine,  and it almost came to life,  but because we would probably install a later B18 engine, we do not plan to spend more time attempting to run this B16.  However,  for those who prefer originality,  this appears to be a good rebuildable core.
This Volvo comes with correct documents for transfer,   including current Title,   for Registration or Export .
  Unusually SOLID and Complete,  I think this will be a straight-forward restoration at an Intermediate level.
it may say pickup only, but we
Ship Worldwide ...
OldSchool Restorations of North Alabama
  Terms  500EUR non-refundable deposit immediately by paypal and the balance by wire transfer withing 5 days
Vehicle stored indoors free for 60 days.  If longer time is needed, the rate is $60 per month after 60 days. 
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Artikelzustand: Verkäufernotizen:
AU: 195800 Typ: Kombi
Marke: Volvo HU: 195800
Modell: 445