One of the 4,728 units manufactured, this wonderful large coupe was manufactured in 1993, comes from Germany (where it had 2 owners so far), has generous amenities, namely electric chairs, air conditioning, electric curtain, BMW audio system, seat heating and other refinement options of the Series 8. It is exceptionally technical and aesthetic (it has 2.3 small damages, we are at your disposal with additional information). Under the long hood of the German coupe is a four-liter aspirated V8 (M60B40) that develops 286 horsepower (all oils and filters was replaced this summer, car is working great!!!). The car does not require any investment at this time. It is billed for the amount of 33,000 Euros. It has only one small issue that is order for fixing: Air conditioning is working but the Freon Gas presure goes down after 3 days (Was reserved for fixing to Autohouse Repair BMW)We can send over 50 pictures with car status (inside, outside, in action, underneath, engine, trunk, under trunk, everything...) and movies too. Great investment, great car!