1952 Civilian Power Wagon
Model: B4
Power Wagon Model: B4
Serial: 88767209 
Registered with the Classic Power Wagon Registry in the USA.
Engine: 3.7ltr 230ci
Rebuilt original, original engine, gearbox, axles and bodywork.
Clear V5 in my name full UK road legal if needed the import documentation is available for inspection.
UK Tax and UK MoT exempt.
Essentially what a barn and exported to the UK as a non-running, virtually non-operational wreck.
The truck is now complete with only minor work required. My intention is to take it to a road, and I'm doing it now.
It was believed to be one of the few in this country (UK).
This Civilian vehicle is based on the WW2 M37 US Army truck used during the retaking of Europe. There are extensive spares in the Netherlands and Egypt where it is used for the oil field construction.
Two wheels, four wheels, front axle assembly, brake drums and brake assembly, engine internals, engine oil filter assembly, second carburetor, oil bath air filter assembly, distributor. These are the major parts there are lots of smaller components. I have a spare gearbox.
Miscellaneous authentic and minor dents all around. 
New and used parts are available from several sources. The installed flat is not the original but matches the style of the 'look' exactly. 
Full nut and bolt restoration, complete strip down, shot blasted and protective respray.
It is a working farm workhorse. 
Original factory installed 230ci (230 cubic inch - 3.7litre) flathead motor 
Engine rebuilt by local engineering firm at significant cost.
Professionally reassembled, with cylinder re-bore, new pistons, white metal bearing valves, as well as new gaskets and seals all round. I have two carbs and prefer the Zenith currently fitted, new points, condenser, plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires, oil. 
Motor starts right up and idles smooth. Oil pressure gauge works approximately 40lbs of pressure. Does not over heat and charges its new battery!
Cooling System:
New radiator rebuilt locally no leaks in the system and antifreeze installed.
It's the original 6 volt system has been replaced and is now running on a 12 volt battery system.
Original 4 speed crash box has been tested at high speeds on the motorway and around my local neighborhood shows. The lay-shaft rattles but functions without issue.
It is the original crash gearbox and shifter in reverse gear, high box and low box with 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive.
New clutch and balanced with the rebuilt crank and the engine internals. 
Transfer Case:
All original replacement seals. Shifts into and out of 4x4 no issue.
All new linings and seals. Parking brake relined.
Vacuum servo all working.
Braden MU2 checked and tested the drives to winch engages from the cab. New cable fitted. Engage / brake / disengage lever is missing.
Odometer shows just over 78500 miles it works properly and accurate to UK standards. All the instruments have new authentic scales fitted and all work.
Petrol tank is 240 ltr plastic from Iveco lorry. 
Tires are roadworthy and I have four new spares. 
Glass is all new and laminated. 
Misc. locking petrol cap, two original Dodge keys, electric wipers fitted to replace the original vacuum system, chrome air cleaner fitted but I have the original oil bath filter. 
It's the deluxe cab with original Mopar 65 heater, head-liner all new etc.
I have a lot of documentation and historical details.
There is still a need for work, a winch operating handle, a bolt in the rear half-shaft needs re-threading; nothing major. Further details on request.
These trucks are getting harder and harder to find and are very rare in the UK, (3 to my knowledge). There may be more in the Netherlands.
Originally built from the running gear of the M37 Army truck was used in the second world. These trucks and a loyal following and very desirable at the moment in the States.
US automotive specialists in the UK and Denmark.
Please email with any questions I have a full library of 'strip' and 'rebuild' pictures and detailed rebuild costs and savings used and sourced.
If you need further pictures, just ask, many more are available.
I have Dutch speaking friends available if required.
Some of the first on the road and some driving on the off-road track.
If you're looking for the truck, email me and I'll try to set something up.  
I can provide details of UK to Europe shippers on request.
Any and all is for the buyer. 
The truck is currently in the UK and I can drive it to the new owner location. 
Neither truck nor wants to be released until funds clear. I reserve the right to sell at any time to a cash buyer.


Artikelzustand: Verkäufernotizen:
Anzahl der Türen: 2 Außenausstattung: Anhängerkupplung
Besonderheiten: Allradantrieb, Oldtimer Datum der Erstzulassung: 19520601
Marke: Dodge Kilometerstand: 78500
Modell: Pick up 4x4 Farbe: Blue
Typ: Civilian Power Wagon