Dodge Charger V6 3.5 253 hp RWD Touring SuspensionAutomatic Transmission – NAG1 5 speed (Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic 722.6). Perfect technical condition. Repainted, polished. Small marks on left front fender and driver’s door. Driver’s seat needs repair. No rust. REGISTERED in Bulgaria (EU). EURO 5. Engine serviced (timing, etc.), suspension, brakes. Changed engine oil (5w30) and gearbox (original Mopar oil and new oil filter). New Pirelli winter tires for 600 EUR. Airbag, seat heater, ESP, brake assist, self-locking doors, cruise control, 6-disc radio, navigation, TV and more. Consumption: 10-17l/100.You get the following BRAND NEW parts with the car:1. 4 shocks Kuyaba Excel-G (around 450 Є value);2. 1 fuel injector Bosch3. 2 coils Febi4. suspension parts5. ABS and ESP sensors6. 5 liter of Mopar transmission oil (not opened), compatible with NAG17. other small parts.
Can arrange pick-up/delivery to EU.