Electric recumbent trike  
Demonstration video here
ELectric trike description THIS LISTING IS FOR ELECTRIC RECUMBENT TRIKE The base of the vehicle is AZUB recumbent trike which was upgraded with powerful battery and electric motor. The trike was tested on a trip around Slovenia covering 1017km. Trike successfully sustained different weather (also rain), road and terrain conditions including a climb to Vrsic, 1611m. When ride was finished a maintenance repair was done including the replacement of weak parts with new technology. Additionally electric motor was replaced with brand new Crystalyte engine and more powerful battery.
The promotional drive is published at: here
 DRIVABILITY: Electric trike enables 3 propulsion modes:
Human pedaling Electromotor Combination of human pedaling and electromotor Powerful electric engine enables speeds up to 45km/h and range of 80km purely on electricity, if pedaling range is increased. Engine is sufficiently powerful to climb hills up to 20% without the need of human help. Intelligent braking system enables energy recuperation when braking. On board computer monitors the speed, battery charge, electricity consumption, power consumption.
SAFETY: When sharing a road together with cars safety is important. At drive around Slovenia it was found out that with such unique look cars usually slow down, wait till road is clear and then overtake, also the trike is wide enough that narrow overtaking is not possible – car behind trike needs to wait until road is clear and then overtake which adds to safety. Also safety flag increases visibility to distance drivers.  
FUN & COSTS: Electric trike offers numerous options for recreational mobility; pedalling, electric assistance or pure electric. Also it will expand the range of your everyday trips since the hills are no obstacle to this trike. Costs for charging battery are neglecting: 100km distance will cost only 0,15 Є cents.  
Overall Length: 1690 mm - 1940 mm (depends on boom position)
Mass: cca 40kg
Max speed: 45km/h
Max Power: 2kW
Battery: 48V, 25Ah, 700 cycles
Charging: solar panel or electric socket
Range: 80km (just on battery)
Regenerative braking  
Payment Terms Payment on pickup or money transfer - contact for information
Shipping Terms Local pickup, official shipping carrier or personal delivery to nearby countries
Other Terms Electric trike is being SOLD AS-IS and comes with no warranty
With speeds up to 45km/h and motor power of 2kW electric trike is not street legal. Anyway a simple online electronic setting can be applied to throttle the vehicle to 25km/h making it road legal in most EU countries
I will need up to 15 days of preparation time before shipping
Purchase budget will be used to make a new one


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