I present absolutely outstanding, individual - single car in the world. Original Koenig-Specials with V12 7.2 engine. It is possible that this is the only such model in the r129.Auto model commissioned by MERCEDES - built by the famous tuner and racing driver from the 80s Willy König. The car has a huge, possibly complete documentation, dozens of invoices, bills, etc. also with the MERCEDES Dealership (authorized MERCEDES service) and a invoice from KOENIG-SPECIALS describing all modifications - confirmed by Walter König. Auto has full equipment possible in those years, 95 model with window pull and Bose system. Has a set of keys and service books.  The whole car is in a great condition, the engine is in perfect condition, a new transmission from the MERCEDES Benz Dealership with AMG modifications control board. . Amazing performance and power - 404Kw / 550Ps, maximal speed over 320km / h.
 Unique, phenomenal interior ordered by Koenig-Specials in the former AMG company - mint (mintgrun) leather, carpets, plastics and EUCALYPTUS wood.
The car is fully operational, registered, insured and has current technical tests. It is a unique collector's rarity, a unique opportunity for fans, collectors, connoisseurs of classic motoring or a great investment for businessmen or people with fantasy ... Nothing more can not be imagined - in the R129 SL model. Body - Widebody kits built by Vittorio Strosek and the engine - Franz Albert ,, Vath and Lotec the greatest legends of tuning of classic motoring at the highest level. More info by mail or phone. I RECOMMEND. The pictures do not reflect the amazing impression of the car doing live. THE PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE, I WILL CONSIDER ANY REAL AND HONEST PRICE SUGGESTIONS.
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