Restored more than 10 years ago, painted, engine overhauled, then stood still for quite some time. I bought the car late 2019, did a big service (oils, filters, brakes, new 5speed gearbox - old was stuck in 1st gear - comes with car), car passed the inspection. But it needs still some work to make it great again. Car would need a new, turbo-clutch, engine check/setup, new hoses for intercooler etc. Car is missing some interior trim details. Car should to be trailer-ed.   
Car is near Stockholm, transport can be arranged for extra cost. 


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Kraftstoff: Benzin Datum der Erstzulassung: 19780710
Marke: Saab Kilometerstand: 284954
Typ: Sportwagen/Coupé Leistung: 107 kW

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